Letter: Rec Players outstanding

Jul. 20, 2013 @ 10:04 PM

To the editor:

If you missed “The Sound of Music,” you missed a superb production.

Mark Hopper and Jo Ellen Nowell did a terrific job selecting the person for each character who played the different parts in this wonderful play.

Henderson is very blessed to have such talented and caring individuals that would work many long hours to give our community the first quality of the arts in such a short distance of all of us being right here at E.M. Rollins School. How blessed our community is to have such talented people who can put on a production equal to anything in New York or any other place where large performing arts centers are, and now we will have one of our own.

Thank you to all who had any role or part in putting on the production of “The Sound of Music.” I went twice because I enjoyed it so much.

Jenny Hester