Editorial: Body count doesn’t make competition

Jul. 21, 2013 @ 08:17 AM

Having choices in Henderson during this fall’s municipal election was only part of the equation. We got the bodies, at least two for every City Council seat, three in one race.

Now comes the second of three parts in this equation.

Candidates must bring us meaningful dialogue in those choices. Otherwise, the body count doesn’t matter.

Come October, we’ll have the third part on us — getting out to the polls, casting our ballots.

At no other level is the reality of a candidate more easily seen than in the municipal election. Yet, we turn out in larger numbers when we get a filtered view of national or state candidates.

In Henderson, we have the opportunity to attend all the meetings, see all the transactions of business, and make all the judgments ourselves. We can see these elected officials day to day.

By going to meetings, or reading through minutes and agendas, citizens get a non-filtered version.

So how about between now and the election? Who will be talking and who will be listening — candidates or voters?

Make no mistake, it should be both talking and listening. But what will we really hear?

This election is no less important than the last or the next. Decisions affecting the present and the future will be rendered once candidates are in office. We owe it to ourselves more than anyone else to be in tune to what the candidates desire for our city.

We live here. It matters what they do. It matters how they do it.

Our elected officials must be accountable, and they should be transparent. We have no patience for deception.

Henderson isn’t easy. We’ve got to want it bad, to fight for finding serious people to solve serious issues.

Candidates telling us what to be afraid of and who’s to blame for it should not win our votes. Those with meaningful solutions and realistic ideas, those who exhibit responsibility in all their actions — those are the candidates we need.

The Dispatch has partnered with the chamber of commerce and WIZS-1450 AM previously for candidate forums. We stand ready again to do so on behalf of the citizens.

We want the best Henderson possible.