Editorial: Republicans for climate change

Jul. 18, 2013 @ 10:36 PM

Before jumping onto the blue side or the red side, stand in the middle of any one of the four industrial parks making up 2,200 acres of Triangle North in four rural counties.

Gaze upon each. And imagine where the project was nearly six years ago. Nothing was there then, and unfortunately, nothing is there now.

Or stand near downtown Henderson. Ride the streets and see if there are empty spaces. We’ve refilled a few. But consider what it was like 10 years ago.

Should we continue the same economic ideas and platform, or is it time for a new pitch?

Republicans campaigned on making one and this week they delivered. Calling it reform, overhaul or only a tax cut is semantics.

What they did was take action.

Republicans are making the sales pitch to us on its merits every bit as much as Democrats are scoffing and telling us why it is miserable and will hurt more than help.

We’ll share a secret with you: neither side can be sure they’re right or the other side is wrong.

The wealthiest are getting tax cuts. But those are typically the employers who can create jobs to offer people comprising our state’s top-five national unemployment rate.

The tax base may grow. But before it does, state revenues will drop. Spending had better be efficient. Education and services to the elderly must stay on the front burner.

We will all get more money in our pockets to spend when shopping local. Maybe shopkeepers will need more employees.

Our guzzling gas tax is getting a cap, and elimination of the estate tax can help us lure more retirees. Did someone say Kerr Lake?

The nonprofit Tax Foundation says our state’s business climate index soars from No. 44 to No. 17 with the changes. We’ll pass half the country. Multiple economists say it is one of the most beneficial state tax reforms in the last 10 years.

This isn’t a magic bullet for Triangle North, or Henderson, or any other community. It is a calculated risk, an attempt at creation of opportunity. It dismisses a way that presently, in this neck of the woods, just isn’t working.

As we look around, we welcome the climate change.