Editorial: Significant decisions mattered

May. 06, 2014 @ 11:11 PM

With the close of the primary on Tuesday, the runoffs are up next, followed by the general election in November.

In many cases, however, the decision of the people Tuesday either sealed or essentially sealed the outcomes of several elected positions. Some primary winners will have no opposition in November.

Those moving on have accepted this responsibility.

On our end, we stay positive and submit that a new election has brought a new sense of hope.

For challengers who won, opportunity has never been greater to make a difference. It is not expected to be easy, and if it were, everyone would do it.

For incumbents who won, whether surviving or rolling in strong, validation of some degree has been given. Now comes the task of getting a better stamp next time.

Our hope for the future are elected officials ready to do what is best for the people, and not meander along party lines or established patterns. Each decision of our elected leaders is a potential won or lost election down the road. But governing shouldn’t be about ballot box worries.

Day to day decisions should be about what is best for the majority represented. Politicians should accept not all voters will be happy with each decision. Making decisions in the best interests of all tears down the party lines gridlock that tie up progress.

The record will resonate with the people, and ridiculous sums of money will not need to be spent to stay in office.

That actually still happens in various places, though we have to look harder and harder to find it. We wish we could see it more easily and more frequently.

Challenges of significance await all of Tuesday’s winners. But if they are willing to do their job rather than staying busy trying to keep their job, we’re all going to be winners during their terms.

And whether we voted for the victor or someone else, we need our elected leaders to do well. Politicians doing poorly in office not only affects elections, it affects us.

Voters made a difference on Tuesday. It did matter, and no matter for whom we voted, there’s every reason to be proud.