Editorial: Preventive homework encouraged

May. 02, 2014 @ 11:00 PM

As we’ve warned in this space before, be careful of scams in the aftermath of catastrophic weather events.

It is indeed sad and a tremendous blight on our society. But bad people doing bad things do seem to come around to take advantage even at the worst of times.

Although the damage was not as significant in the Tri-County, that doesn’t mean we won’t be getting contacts. Their stories will seem real. Our compassion will be touched and challenged.

As reminders, don’t give cash. Security and tax purposes dictate we should only pay with a credit card or by making a check out to the charity and not the fundraiser.

But before opening your wallet, go online and do due diligence by checking give.org, charitywatch.org, guidestar.org or charitynavigator.org.

To report scams, contact the state attorney general’s office by calling toll free (877) 5NO-SCAM, which translates to (877) 566-7226.

• For the fifth straight month, Vance County was below double-digit employment figures.

The welcome good news comes with the caveat, as most know by now, that the figures don’t include people dropping out of the workforce. They are simply not being counted.

Vance County is at 9.1 percent, Warren County 8.8 percent and Granville County 6.9 percent. The state rate is 6.3 percent, and the national rate is 6.7 percent.

We remain optimistic recovery — even if slow — is happening and even trickling to our neck of the woods.

• Folk tales and fables will fast become forgotten unless we prime the pump a bit. We’re pleased to see Perry Memorial Library doing just that this past week with the annual Storytelling Festival.

One dozen storytellers from across the state were participants along with Vance County schoolchildren. Many eyes were bright and faces excited as they listened at various times in the daylong session.

For generations of youth that have become accustomed to being entertained at every turn, especially through the television and computer, there’s a challenge in capturing their attention.

Imagination and creativity, however, go a long way. Literature and the arts still have that and more. Sometimes, we just need to help the connection.

Our congratulations on another fine job by Perry Memorial and its Friends of the Library.