Editorial: Crime Stoppers, WIZS, donors earn praise

May. 10, 2013 @ 04:42 PM

For all the hard knocks, unfounded social media hysteria and general dark cloud that enveloped Henderson earlier this year, we are happy to see sunlight shining on the Crime Stoppers organization and local law enforcement.

Lt. Irvin Robinson is a mainstay with the organization, the recognizable figure along with Rev. Frank Sossaman. And earlier this month, at the Southeastern Crime Stoppers Conference, the Henderson-Vance Crime Stoppers Association came home with two of the major awards.

We salute our fellow media friends at WIZS-1450 AM, named in the media award. And we salute those who made the fundraising award possible, primarily through the annual golf tournament.

The southeastern awards are representative of seven states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

• Speaking of media colleagues, how about a hearty congratulations as well to Frank Newell and his friends with the Eastern Bluebird Rescue Group in Warrenton.

Newell, who submits a column weekly to The Warren Record, is a former wildlife specialist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services Division. He’s a licensed state and federal wildlife rehabilitator.

And he and his team build 1,050 bluebird nest boxes each time they meet, which is twice a month. They’ve produced more than 190,000 to date, and they are distributed across the state, primarily through State Employees Credit Union locations.

Once an endangered species, the Eastern Bluebirds’ songs now fill the air.

• We’re hopeful development is headed for Zene Street.

Interest is present. The potential tenant list shows some sustainability. How that will mesh in the eyes of the Golden LEAF Foundation is subject to interpretation.

This past week, the Golden LEAF Foundation was in town meeting with community leaders about a potential plan. The foundation has nearly $700,000 ready for leveraging development of the recreational, educational, entertainment and family center, a project known as REEF.

The project has stalled once before, and a major tenant — Henderson Collegiate — is now expected to build a school. The burgeoning charter school is quickly gaining applause and would have been an excellent anchor to REEF.

Without them, it is a loss for Zene Street.

The good news, however, is nearly three-quarters of a million dollars is still possible in the development.