Editorial: Silence needs to be broken by society

Apr. 26, 2013 @ 03:34 PM

Heart’s Haven and Area Christians Together in Service teamed up Thursday for a vigil and walk, bringing awareness to Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Throughout April, there have been proclamations and campaigns. President Barack Obama accurately pointed out laws now provide a “path to safety and justice; where a culture of fear once kept violence hidden, survivors are more empowered to speak out and get help.”

But each situation, with each person affected, has unique variables with which to deal. Ultimately, as the president points out, all of us play a role in changing the culture in our society. Silence around rape and sexual assault must be broken.

• Nothing to do in the Tri-County? Who among us hasn’t heard that uttered before?

But the pages and advertisements of The Dispatch confirm that is not the case. As though awakening from a long nap, greenery has leaped through the barrenness of winter’s envelope. And events are springing forth left and right.

Two musical events were staged Friday night, there’s activity happening today with cyclists in Vance County, and residents and visitors alike are gathering in Warren County today.

Boaters are making their way to Kerr Lake, and events are already in full swing — including last weekend’s state high school fishing championship.

Nothing to do? Well, only by choice. The offerings are increasing.

• The sounds and voices generations have known and enjoyed are slowly leaving us.

We were saddened to learn recently of two more who performed to different audiences, although undoubtedly many in each were the same. George Beverly Shea died last week and George Jones died this week.

Shea, with inspiring bass and baritone chords, was as familiar to a Billy Graham crusade stop as Graham telling the masses during the invitation, “The buses will wait for you.”

The term “legend” gets tossed around too often for our taste now, but that’s an accurate description of Jones. His baritone was the envy of singers from all genres, producing No. 1 hits in each of the last five decades in the previous century.