Editorial: Gratefulness to all helping community

Jan. 25, 2013 @ 05:00 PM

Workers in several areas are to be commended for their efforts in the past two weeks.

Anyone having a hand in keeping our community safe, or responding to emergencies, with our rare weather events — snow last week, more ice and slick stuff Friday — has our utmost gratefulness.

In our office Friday, not very long after precipitation started to fall, traffic on the scanner began increasing. And increasing some more.

Vehicles spun out, crashed and otherwise were not on the roads as they should be in many places. We’re hopeful all eventually got to their destinations safely.

For those who had a hand in it, even just passers-by, thanks for helping your community.

• Commissioners of Vance County have decided to put up a sign on a donated five-acre plot on Brodie Road, designating it as the future home of the Vance County Animal Shelter.

Their decision came the same day The Dispatch reported a kennel in the county was for sale at a price lower than the estimated cost to build. The animal shelter was on the agenda before Wednesday’s story was printed.

Commissioners and the county manager have said a potential new shelter’s delay has been based on money management for taxpayers. To the point, there’s not enough and the shelter hasn’t gotten high enough on the priority list.

County leaders say they’re moving toward building. But putting up a sign doesn’t show urgency. Costs and contracts do.

• Granville County commissioners made the right call this past week.

For more than 200 years, our country’s veterans have answered the call and defended our liberties. We cannot thank them enough, whether they served in a world war, a conflict or a time of peace.

Granville’s governing body unanimously approved the establishment of a Veterans Affairs Committee. The committee will provide an additional outreach to veterans, helping serve as a support group in the county.

The committee doesn’t cost the county a cent. And we believe it should not be seen as the county picking up the slack of the federal government; rather, it is the county stepping forward to do its part regardless of what is done federally, on the state level or by individuals.