Editorial: Scrambling to get lower unemployment

Nov. 30, 2012 @ 07:23 PM

Vance County and the rest of the state continues to get improved news on unemployment.
Our rate for the most recent numbers released, in October, showed a workforce that still bounces around 19,000 but with the percentage without jobs dropping. We’re still way too high at 12.2 percent, but we’re significantly improved from 14.3 in June and 15.0 in January.
Those who watch the numbers will remember Vance County dipped to 12.7 in April before going back up again. September was back down to 12.7 and this time continued another half-point to the good.
No direct correlation to an employer is linked to the statistics for October, yet another good sign for overall improvement. When more employers are hiring people living in the county, or hiring upper level jobs and requesting employees live in the communities where they work, the numbers will keep on improving.
• Sunday’s Christmas parade in Henderson is a chance for community support.
With the number of entries hovering at 100, chances of seeing acquaintances or their children should run pretty high. The entries are varied, perhaps not as many “homemade floats” as in days gone by, but still some interesting sights.
We hope you’ll make it out to Garnett Street.
• The Big Four universities and East Carolina got another dose of change this week when the ACC and the Big East reshaped yet again. If you’re scoring at home, there are six former Big East members in or soon to be in the ACC, and nine former Conference USA members in, soon to be in or passing through the Big East.
We’re not believing things are done either.
Divisional format changes could be interesting. What’s left of the ACC charter members could be together with 1970s addition Georgia Tech, and the other division could link 1990s addition Florida State with the Big East additions.
Of course, they could have just stayed in their conferences, too.
No, it’s not your father’s ACC, and for that matter, it’s not his grandkid’s ACC either. Not yet anyway.