Letter: Henderson parade was wonderful

Dec. 07, 2013 @ 09:50 PM

To the editor:

As a newcomer to Henderson and my first Christmas in a new town, I was pleasantly entertained by the Christmas parade.

Besides the fact that there were great big gaps along the path, it was evident that every entrant did their utmost to bring their best to the parade. While it was difficult to pinpoint my most absolute favorite of the mascots, I say kudos to the Eagle of Victory Christian School for interacting well with and giving hugs to children and spectators.

The step group was great, the Southern Vance Raiders gave an awesome performance in their wintry blue and white outfits; however, after all the sirens and noise and thinking the parade was over, I almost missed the number one performance, in my opinion, of the entire event, that of Ballet Arts. I was so impressed that I made a decision there and then to enroll my daughter in their program.

Thank you, Henderson, for a lovely start to the holidays. Merry Christmas, Vance County!

Christiana Meka