Editorial: Enhance Christmas parade

Dec. 07, 2013 @ 09:58 PM

Henderson’s Christmas parade last Sunday was a treat for some, perplexing to others, and fortunate not to have injury. There was at least one citation.

That’s regrettable and sad. Yet, the environment contributes and we believe that can be improved.

The parade had many, many wonderful entries among more than 60. We’re partial to the children, the little ones, and those smiling faces both in the parade and on the curb were priceless. We shouldn’t lose that. We should enhance it if we can.

It seemed, however, that some entries were nothing more than outright advertising. OK, we get it, sponsors have been on floats for years. But back then, their respective parade element outweighed their advertising element. Some still do.

While those organizing and going through the headaches are to be commended for their efforts, we have suggestions.

• Spectators shouldn’t be fearful or uncomfortable at a Christmas parade, plain and simple. Add to the parking restriction ordinance. Keep smokers away from the curbs and dogs on leashes, like pit pulls, from going through the crowd.

• An 18-wheeler, tractor and trailer, has a place. Henderson’s Christmas parade isn’t it. That’s not to be confused with the wonderful antique Corbitt tractors, though we’d love to have seen a magnetic sign on the door with the year.

• Use radio communication to the front of the parade, or something, so a judge’s review stand and stoppages there doesn’t leave two empty blocks in the heart of the people.

• Underhand candy tossing. We’re not sure what pleasure was gained by those throwing fastballs from the cars and whacking spectators with candy. Not to mention, as children scrambled for the candy in the road, the cars following zigzagged toward the curbs rather than straight down Garnett.

• Divide the number of total entries by the number of those providing music to create spaces between each. And for entries, if one entry has three vehicles, count the entry as a three rather than a one.

• Ban vehicles, including scooters, three-wheelers or anything else not on two feet, from heading south on Garnett Street during the parade.

Let’s not lose the parade or those who want to take their children to see it. We’re all children at heart, after all. And we can do better.