Editorial: Valued community partner

Dec. 06, 2013 @ 10:55 PM

There was no question about Franklin-Vance-Warren Opportunity’s place in the community. They’re a partner by any definition.

And they truly stepped to the plate recently for Vance County. The commissioners’ albatross of houses unable to be sold or rented in the Neighborhood Stabilization Program were soon going to cost the county $400,000.

Only five of the federally subsidized houses will be going to FVW. That leaves another six on the plate of the county. And September — well, it’ll be here fast. Plan now, not later.

We hope the good people at FVW can make something positive happen for the homes. FVW has a history of doing that in many other areas, and we wish them the best.

• We never liked the adage that referenced a fight with City Hall that can’t be won. Why do we want to fight with our leaders anyway? We want to work with them, and we want them to work with us.

The Henderson Zoning Board of Adjustments did that this past week with a citizen. Helen Short added some structure to her home, an enclosed carport. Her best intentions changed in the process. That also changed what was permitted.

With the structure done and no finding of intent to deceive, the zoning board believed the fair judgment was to grant a variance.

The situation was most unfortunate, but a lesson for those building and working with contractors is visible.

• And finally this week, we make a plea. For those intent on doing harm, find somewhere other than a school campus to do it. Please?

Signs are posted, and only the very, very least of the intelligent don’t know that weapons — namely firearms — are not to be brought on any campus, be it a high school or a college. Yet that’s just what happened twice in less than three weeks, so far as we know. Heaven forbid there may have been others.

No courtroom guilt has been assessed, but law enforcement has confirmed the incidents.

Those who feel the need to carry a weapon, have at it, but please, respect the posted signs and the rights of others. When it comes to a school, either don’t go, or leave your weapons at home.