Editorial: Delighting in winter’s gracefulness

Jan. 22, 2014 @ 10:09 PM

Blustery at entrance, gentle into the evening, sparkling white at dawn.

The visit from Mother Nature’s winter cupboard won’t be seen as long as it will be felt. Snow blanketed the Tri-County Tuesday evening, and made for a number of unexpected “holidays” on Wednesday.

Parents, and therefore sometimes businesses, go into scramble mode when children usually at school are unexpectedly home. We have to look after them. And businesses that are able need to keep the doors open with employees working.

We all do the best we can.

For the children allowed to play, snow can be the best of times. The inch count of the snow doesn’t matter so much when we’re just trying to get on something that can be pulled, pushed or moved. Instant ride. It’d be a nice attraction at the fair if we could recreate the snow.

Our favorites remain those with a novelty for the occasion.

That would include the little ones mostly. Fluffy white stuff is still very new to them. They don’t necessarily grasp the danger. They mainly see the excitement brewing in those that care for them and give them, for the most part, everything they want.

Surely a child must figure, “Hey, if this makes them happy, it must be good!”

One day when they’re older, like so many other elements of life, they’ll realize it can be fun but does have its drawbacks.

Pets are another with the unusual reactions. The “seasoned” wild animals go in and about the snow more frequently. But our pets, they’re only out in it if we let them, and so many times when they’re younger that’s very rare.

Across the Tri-County, many agencies and people took the time in the days leading up to the winter blast of white stuff to be prepared. They were ready with applications to roads beforehand and they followed through after it fell.

Emergency responders were on call in all agencies, ready for a wayward step by foot or direction of travel by vehicle.

The cold air will remain. By midday Wednesday the snow was already leaving.

We hope all were safe. And to those volunteers, neighbors or paid agencies who looked after us, we say, “Thanks!”