Editorial: Sometimes changing gets it right

Jan. 17, 2014 @ 10:25 PM

Sometimes getting it right means a change.

For businesses in Henderson, that might mean a little extra paperwork. We commend the effort to rectify multiple names that might go before different parts of the city governance. They all need to speak the same language in the name of efficiency.

But Henderson wasn’t the only one with a change idea that got it right this week.

Give kudos as well to Henderson-Vance Parks and Recreation leaders. Citizen input on a master plan for greenways was to be received Jan. 28, the same date as Gov. Pat McCrory visiting the annual chamber banquet.

The input session is now one week later, on Feb. 4.

A transportation meeting for the region is scheduled the same night in Durham, but it is not expected to be changed.

• Every employee in the United States has an option to have their say through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. And the City of Henderson and two employees, one since retired and the other still active, went through that process last year.

The city and supervisor, former police chief Keith Sidwell, were exonerated by the dismissal.

We choose no sides in this matter, though we’re glad there was no impropriety found within the department as determined by an independent third party.

But we recognize again how fortunate we are to be in a country where such grievances can have a place to be heard. It could happen to any of us in any job.

• And one more example of getting it right resides in the industrial park off Raleigh Road.

That’s the area overseen by a volunteer fire department, and it’s the area with some heavy-duty concerns. Bearpond’s department got a significant gift from Kennametal, an attack nozzle that can enable firefighters to more quickly to douse a fire.

The implement isn’t just for industrial fires. It can be mobilized at any scene, enabling better deployment of personnel. When you’re talking volunteers showing up to a scene, numbers often vary. This is very useful.

Our community regularly shows support for volunteer organizations, and this is another fine example. When people in the Tri-County take care of one another, we all stand to benefit.

There’s nothing like good neighbors.