Letter: More experience preferred

Apr. 19, 2014 @ 11:43 PM

To the editor:

There is a letter circulating questioning the qualifications of Mrs. Cindy Bostic, candidate for the office of District Attorney in 9th District. It infers that she is “soft” on drunk drivers in view of the poor record of convictions in Franklin, Granville, Vance and Warren counties. What isn’t mentioned is that Mrs. Bostic, as only one of 10 assistant district attorneys, doesn’t set policy for the prosecutor’s office.

Equally important, while drunk driving is very serious, there are other extremely serious crimes that plague law-abiding citizens in our counties: murder, child abuse, rape, sex offenses, fraud and armed robbery. This is where Mrs. Bostic’s skill and experience have come into play. She has spent 18 years successfully prosecuting these violations which unfortunately affect too many of our citizens.

Mrs. Bostic has worked tirelessly on the front lines for almost two decades, for you and me, to make us safer. With crime in our communities on the rise, I have no doubt that as district attorney she will remain at the front, leading a team who shares her mission.

I understand that Mike Waters, her opponent, has one jury case tried to verdict. It was for drunk driving. He lost.

Mrs. Bostic has 18 years of hard experience in the trenches, winning more than 65 convictions for serious crimes.

Where was Mike Waters?

Maureen Taylor