Letter: Excited about the choice

Apr. 19, 2014 @ 11:41 PM

To the editor:

There is one local candidate in the election I am especially excited about. Mike Waters is a candidate for district attorney for the 9th Judicial District.

There are a number of reasons why I am a strong supporter of Mike Waters. He is a family man, who believes families who feel safe and secure are the backbone of a strong community. He is a hard worker who is most interested in the DA’s office being a token for justice in our area. We needs a strong system of priorities set up so that the worst offenders are dealt with in a relatively short period of time and innocent people do not sit unnecessarily in jail for long periods of time. We need to address the fact we have the second highest driving while impaired dismissal rate in the state. Those people are driving and are endangering all of us.

Mike is a strong advocate for our section of the state. He believes that when all people are treated fairly, those same people will want to work together to improve our communities. He wants people to be able to believe in a fair DA, one who supports people who are doing the right things and strives to punish those who are breaking the law, especially those who continue to break the law.

Mike has worked in our community for a number of years and has established himself as a visionary. He understands our law enforcement and DA’s office must work closely together. He knows he must work with our judges to make our court system work efficiently. These people know they can work with Mike Waters to establish efficient and effective court systems in our communities. We have the candidate we need. I ask you to join me in support of Mike Waters for DA in the Democratic Primary in May.

Wayne Adcock