Editorial: Christians celebrate Good Friday

Apr. 19, 2014 @ 08:27 PM

More than 2 billion people from the world’s largest religion will be observing Easter this weekend.

The resurrection of God’s only Son and eternal life available to all believers will be celebrated on Sunday. For the believer, without Easter there is no Christmas.

Around us daily, we continue to see the foundation of our country chipped away. Among the cries for freedom echoes one from more than 200 years ago: religion of our choice. Today, our country joyfully has many.

Yet many Christians often feel like punching bags, either from advocacy groups or even politicians tearing away at our country’s foundation. Remembering the words of the Huguenots, the French Protestants, should be an encouragement: “The more they pound and the more they shout, the more they wear their hammers out.”

For all the great writers of books our world has seen, we should also remember and be encouraged the Bible annually tops the list. There are 26 million sold a year, or about 72,000 per day. The top five bestsellers do about 12 million, combined, by comparison.

Of single volume books all-time, Tale of Two Cities ranks first with 200 million copies. The Bible has had 6 to 7 billion printed and distributed since someone decided to start counting.

We shouldn’t be surprised. This is a collection of works by 40 authors written over about 1,500 years. They were prophets and apostles, fishermen, historians, farmers and kings.

The creativity it inspires is unsurpassed. Biblical references are in every walk of life whether we recognize it or not, from the work of artists, poets, writers, sculptors and musicians to the words of political statesmen, royalty, intellectuals and writers of all diversities.

It is God’s message to man, and man has followed through to use it as a message to fellow men. Fighting the good fight, being saved by the skin of our teeth, making light of something — all are phrases with origination from the English Bible. And just a few of many.

Our justice system originates from the Ten Commandments, our morals and ethics from the Sermon on the Mount.

And while this day and its events once seemed dark and catastrophic, Christians now rejoice. Christians believe. It is Good Friday. And we know because the Bible tells us so.