Editorial: Love, belief and a circle unbroken

Jun. 15, 2013 @ 09:54 PM

Perhaps they are a little taller today. The smile is proud as ever. There might be an extra ounce of patience in them.

Fathers have long been the rock of the good family. They set the standard, the tone for all to embrace, and they do so with a respect for all members of their family.

Fathers are solid. They test the waters for us, they give us a sense of direction, and they allow us to grow and achieve by stepping into our own.

When we achieve, they are proud and help us to handle the newfound success. And should we stumble, they are the first to pick us up. They help us focus to do better the next time.

Their teachings are many. Their acts of love cannot be counted.

When it comes to talent, they have one which nobody can ever replace — they are a parent and can raise their son or daughter as only the father can. There is no replacement, there is no substitute and there is only one man for the job.

Anything else is a different relationship.

There are many wonderful things a father will share with his children. Love is the greatest.

There is also belief, those times when a father looks upon his child and in all that he does gives assurance and confirmation. Does “I believe in you” sound any sweeter, or have more meaning, than when coming from a parent?

A father’s protection is indestructible in our eyes and in our minds at our youngest. As we grow, we learn that while he may not be invincible, his toughness is much more than we truly imagined.

We find out more of the obstacles he faced, that he conquered, that he knocked out of our path. Some we realize, others we do not.

And as we age, we return the favor to him, taking care, providing, assuring and extending all we can for the life he gave to us. It never seems enough, for his love was so great, his compassion so wonderful. But we try, he understands, and all are grateful.

Happy Father’s Day.