Letter: Living here is a connection

Jun. 11, 2013 @ 06:51 PM

To the editor:

In a community struggling with high unemployment, high crime, poor school performance, dilapidated housing and a host of other concerns, identifying and selecting the right leadership is critical. It’s a decision we make each time we elect our government officials, sheriff or employ a police chief, city manager, school principal, teacher or pastor.

These are community leaders, and their actions or non-action sets the stage for our success or failure.

We can agree that the greatest leaders are not always those who look the best on paper (impressive credentials, highest test scores, most experience, etc.). Sure these are considerations, but history proves that a leader’s commitment to and compassion for those they serve is vastly more important. When we look to the future and consider our leadership choices, do we consider who is most likely to walk the talk and bring lasting positive change?

Is it the employee who only works in the community but at 5 or on Friday goes home to their family in some other town, or for whom our community is not at all in their retirement plans? Or is it the employee who lives in the community, who will likely die here, who has children, grandchildren and other family and friends here, all of whose future and well being are a constant priority?

Which of these best understands and will fight hardest for our future? Which of these will help our economy by owning a home and spending their money in our stores thus creating more opportunities, and all the while getting to know and understand each of us simply by being part of a 24/7 community family?

Our community has no shortage of such talented people. They work on our police force, fire department, own and manage our businesses, and serve in our churches. We need look no further.

Gary Morgan