Editorial: National Newspaper Week

Oct. 05, 2013 @ 11:58 PM

When The Dispatch was merely an infant, back in the 1920s, it was growing as part of an established industry.

Another in its infancy was radio. And in the 1920s, advertising was actually controversial. It was an invasion of privacy, at least to those opposed.

Times have changed, haven’t they?

We’re glad radio changed, and we’re glad newspapers did, too. We’re still changing, each and every day. Change is a byproduct in some types of successful businesses, and ours is one of them.

We’re celebrating National Newspaper Week through Saturday. True, it’s a time to toot our horn, but it is also a time to remind those who don’t know about our value.

We still get calls for just about anything under the sun, including investigation of things better left for law enforcement. We still provide reports of the local civic clubs, school honor lists and information that might be found on a town bulletin board if we had one.

We send reporters to meetings of importance, and some that don’t seem so important after they are over. We try to share what is happening in the education of our community’s children and the activities of its seniors.

Our community loves its sports, and we share the accomplishments and the heartbreaks. When we’re informed of births and deaths, or engagements and weddings, we share those, too.

The newspaper isn’t “us” in the building. It is the community we write about, the world around us and how that impacts the community.

Radio was going to be our demise. After all, when people could get the news anytime of day for free, why would they buy us? Television was another killer, and so was the Internet.

But instead of killing us, each of the mediums pumped life into our pages. We worked harder, we worked smarter and we’re even working leaner these days.

We’re nowhere close to the presentation we were in 1914 when we first came to life. We’ve grown, adapted and gotten better. Our readers demanded it.

The recipe doesn’t change. Whether it is important, useful or interesting, we try to give it to our readers.

That has value, this week and every week.