Letter: Champion is a good choice

Oct. 05, 2013 @ 11:57 PM

To the editor:

The headline of a recent letter (“Nomad type not wanted on City Council,” Sept. 29) should not have used “nomad type” in association with Geraldine Champion.

A “nomad” is a member of a group of people who have no fixed home and move or migrate from place to place. Champion stated that she is living with her sister.

According to the fact sheet on the State Board of Election website, there are no requirements that a person has to pay taxes (especially if they do not own property), pay a water bill or pay an electric bill. Champion may be contributing to her sister’s water and electric bill payments.

Of the statements in the letter about what is needed to run for city office, none are on the fact sheet.

Yes, Champion will be making daily decisions for us when she is elected but I have yet to read that she said “in general tell all of us that we need to pay our taxes, pay our water bills and do all the other things property owners and citizens of this town normally do.” Where does this information come from?

The writer has an opinion as to what this city needs and does not need. Everyone has the right to vote for whomever they want but the letter was in my opinion nothing but a “witch hunt,” an investigation whose underlying purpose is to identify and harass those with different views. I don’t think she should be harassed in the local newspaper.

Rosetta Canada-Hargrove