Letter: Commissioners should explain

Oct. 05, 2013 @ 11:55 PM

To the editor:

On Monday night, the Vance County board of commissioners will approve the water rates that they agreed to when role playing as the Water District Board on Sept. 26.

I wonder if any of the commissioners will attempt to explain why the operation and maintenance cost is a third higher than projected (projected $840,000; actual $1,300,000), or maybe explain why Vance County’s operations and maintenance cost are three times those of Kittrell’s water district ($30 for Vance; $10 for Kittrell).

Maybe one commissioner will have the brass to ask about the 500-pound gorilla sitting there in the room: How to pay for the program when only half or less of the property owners put their money on the table for the water?

One obvious answer a water tax.

Michael Bobbitt