Editorial: Opportunities enhance way of life

Oct. 04, 2013 @ 11:55 PM

Congratulations were plentiful at the Crime Stoppers annual banquet and awards Thursday night.

We echo the applause, particularly the standing ovations for John Williams Speed II of the Vance County Sheriff’s Office and Sgt. Joseph Gwinn of the Henderson Police Department.

These are just two of the finest in our community. Our law enforcement agencies train hard, work hard and deserve our standing ovations each day. Their job is not easy, something they knew when signing up.

The honors could have gone to any number of individuals in their respective departments. That’s the mark of a great team, one we are glad belongs to us.

• Hard to believe there was a point about 15 months ago when the Boys & Girls Club here in Vance County was in financial straits for the summer program. Closure was possible.

Contributions were life-saving, and not just for the organization. The youth of our community continue to have a place to go, to learn about life, to experience activities better than what they’ll find in the streets.

The annual dinner this past week was cause for celebration and reflection. The club remains a key component in our quality of life.

Opportunities for youth mean opportunities for our community. And that’s something we should always remember.

• Beginning with Sunday’s edition of The Dispatch, we’re making a place for the thank-you letters that keep coming. They’ll be near the front of the section on Sundays.

We’re encouraging them by creating a new place for their purpose within the A section of our newspaper. No matter the source, if it is a letter saying thanks to someone other than the editor or the newspaper, we’re going to put them in this group. They will be verified by telephone call.

The letters on this page, the Opinion page, will remain letters to the editor. That is, they will be written specifically to the editor about issues relevant to the community. Call it the traditional, old-fashioned letter, where someone is up on their soapbox — albeit, with a 300-word limit, using their unique words, no more than once every two weeks, and having been verified to have sent the letter only to this publication.

We encourage participation.