Letter: Many helped summer basketball

Sep. 21, 2013 @ 03:24 PM

To the editor:

The summer of 2013 and the beginning of the 2013 school year revealed both ends of this spectrum called life. Yes, the buses are rolling again, bells are ringing, new and the latest attires are on display, old and new friendships are developing, smart and eager teachers are working hard, plus happily Northern Vance boys basketball is still alive and well. For that, I would like to say, “Thank you.”

Our summer started with BASKETTballin’ at Northern Vance, next up was Catawba Team Basketball Camp (19 years straight), then with the finale Jammin on the Hill at East Chapel Hill. Forty student-athletes, four other coaches and two unbelievable volunteers were willing to work hand and hand with me during their vacation time. Special thanks to the student-athletes, their families, coaches Quinton Daniel, Randolph Crews, Nick Jefferson and Tracy Jones, then a special thanks goes out to Mrs. Doris Crews and as usual my daughter Amy. Again, to all those folks, I say, “Thank you!”

Lastly, I would like to end by wishing my co-worker and friend Coach W. David Hicks good luck with his retirement. After working together for these past 18 years, a certain rapport has developed between us where we can read each other without saying a word. Have we always agreed? No, but we have always, 100 percent of the time moved in the direction that was best for Northern Vance and our student-athletes. I’m sure that it will feel strange, in a lonely kind of way, on Oct. 1 when he and “the trooper” are no longer here. To my co-working friend, good luck David and thank you.

See you in November and in case nobody told you today, “Thank you!”

Wilton Baskett