Editorial: Raising an issue of decorum

Dec. 15, 2012 @ 10:08 AM

An October meeting for the Henderson City Council got our leadership thinking about cleaning up Henderson.

Not the blighted housing this time, but the blighted streets by sagging pedestrians. That’s also not to be confused with body variations due to age.

Sagging is the term given for the way pants are worn so that underwear is showing. The pants are worn below waist level as a matter of fashion statement, mostly by males.

The exact origin is debated. Reaction in a number of places is not, from an Alabama courtroom to a US Airways flight to several municipalities. Places where decorum is still sought don’t want to see the extra attraction.

Those making the statement, however, are numerous and throughout the country beyond Vance County’s borders.

The style is disrespectful to others. To consider popular theory that it emanated from prisons as a form of sexual ownership only adds to the mystery of why it became and remains so popular.

But bans enacted by any level of government will be tough to gain. After all, who hasn’t been to the lake or beach and seen too much person in too little swimming attire and turned away? Yes, there are some things some people just should not wear for their own good. Making laws against it is another matter all together.

We also believe educated citizens will deliver elected leadership hoping for a ban a quick double standard objection. And not because of women wearing low-rise jeans to allow G-string underwear to show, known as the white tail look.

While the 1990s saw the rise of sagging with the fall of pants, it was before then that women’s undergarments were peeking in previously unseen public places. Straps and attire previously known as fashion misstatements have become ho-hum, spurred no less by Brandi Chastain’s signature bra-baring moment in the 1999 World Cup. Sports bras now are generally accepted tops needing no covering.

We wish the city council the best in bringing decorum back to our streets. We agree with them and applaud the effort, for the appearance of both ladies and gentlemen.

Somebody has to rise up, even if the pants don’t.