Editorial: Notable educational highlights

Nov. 15, 2013 @ 11:07 PM

This past week’s move to recognize our veterans who left high school early to enlist was a great decision.

Truly, those youngsters got an education. Perhaps it wasn’t with the traditional reading, writing and arithmetic we knew back then, but it was definitely something more than any of us could imagine.

Alfred Coleman and James D. Jones were in Warrenton to pick up diplomas, sharing a smile and a laugh or two. Also recognized were Gilbert G. Egerton, and three posthumously: Salmon G. Burchette, Floyd C. Shearin and James O. Alston.

A number of services and memorials recognized the vets of the Tri-County throughout last weekend, including at Veterans Park here in Henderson.

We can never thank them enough.

• Seen the new cruiser of the Henderson Police Department?

Well, in truth, it’s just the new Dodge Charger and that in itself is pretty sleek. There’s not many cars being made these days that aren’t, but the difference for this one is the paint job.

It’s the design of a Northern Vance High School team of engineering students.

There are times when our city and county leaders should be stepping outside the boundaries to get the right hands on a project. And then there are times like this when the capable hands and minds are just down the street.

That’s a nice piece of community teamwork.

• We were saddened to hear the news on Thursday about former North Carolina head basketball coach Dean Smith.

His wife told a Triangle television station he would be unlikely to travel for the ceremony next week awarding him the Medal of Honor.

Smith and his wife, always very private, have allowed little information about his health to be made public. In 2010, the family said he was suffering from a “progressive neurocognitive disorder that affects his memory.”

Smith coached his teams to 879 wins in 36 years on the Tar Heels’ bench, including two national titles. The ceremony is Wednesday and his wife, three of his five children, long-time assistant Bill Guthridge and current head coach Roy Williams will represent him.

We congratulate Smith on the honor, wish him well in his daily living and continue to marvel at the way he educated young men.