Editorial: Accepting challenges for us all

Nov. 06, 2013 @ 10:21 PM

Congratulations are in order for our Tri-County municipalities.

Election Day came and went on Tuesday, and though the turnout of voters was sporadic across the spectrum of good and not so good, our sentiments are targeted primarily to the candidates.

They have accepted the responsibility that comes with making a difference in a small town. Middleburg and Kittrell have unique circumstances, as do the towns of Macon, Norlina and Stovall.

In the fictional town of Mayberry, we recall the reunion of Andy and a high school sweetheart, Sharon. Barney told us it was one the great romances of all time.

So why didn’t it work? In the end, they realize and we see she preferred to be the big fish in a big pond, and Andy was content with the small pond.

The situational comedy resonates in the wake of an election for small communities because those stepping forward to serve are fine with the smaller dynamics. The struggles are great when it comes to wants and fulfilling needs, and these leaders embrace the challenge.

But the rewards are also great. We can chat with our elected leaders at the market, a community event or just about anywhere.

On a slightly bigger stage but with mostly the same dynamics, Oxford voters also cast their voice and will send in two new commissioners but retained the mayor they chose for change two years ago. Jackie Sergent first made an impression as a commissioner. She’s now a modest unbeaten 3-for-3 when running for public office.

We anxiously await the next move that invites Jim Crawford Jr. into a plan. He’ll still be working for the people each day, and running his shopping center.

But he’s got important ties. Nearly three decades in the N.C. General Assembly doesn’t just vanish with a lost election or two. He can help this region. And those in charge of influential entities should keep that in mind as investments into our community are made for long-term benefits.

Voters made a difference on Tuesday. It did matter, and no matter for whom we voted, there’s every reason to be proud.