Letter: Voting in Oxford

Nov. 02, 2013 @ 10:21 PM

To the editor:

Elections are all abut choices and possible changes. In the 2011 election for mayor of the City of Oxford, the voters made a choice and voted overwhelmingly for change by electing Jackie Sergent. I felt confident then about my decision to vote for Jackie and I feel even more confident now that a vote for her is the right vote for Oxford. During the last two years Jackie has worked tirelessly with the board of commissioners and they have hired a new city manager, police chief, fire chief and downtown events coordinator that will serve the city well into the future. The leadership group has also completed extensive infrastructure improvements in the city.

This year Oxford is voting for mayor again. All the candidates are busy telling us what they will do if elected. There have been mentions of leadership capabilities and even promises about jobs. There is even mention of the city’s lawsuit about the sale of water. I have no doubt the city would have preferred to avoid the litigation, but I also have no doubt that each of us would agree that the city made the right decision about the lawsuit after hearing all the facts.

Think about why Jackie was elected in 2011 and think about what she has done in the past two years. I am voting for Jackie again because I want her, the board of commissioners and the new city leadership to continue the work that began two years ago. I hope that as you think about the choices and possible changes you will vote for Jackie, too.

Gary Weaver