Editorial: Community participation pays dividends

Nov. 01, 2013 @ 11:09 PM

Partnership paid off Thursday evening.

That’s when the businesses of downtown Henderson, about 40 or more, served as a central site for Halloween trick-or-treaters of all ages. They put the signs in the store windows as a signal, costumed friendly faces were on the sidewalks outside to welcome the revelers and they threw in a little something for the sweet tooth.

In return, a few businesses that might not have seen the same faces for who knows how long got some extra eyes. That’s sage investment if you ask our opinion.

It’s also another testament to positive community spirit. Our congratulations to the businesses and those organizing, and also to those participating in visits.

• Henderson is going to get its name on a door.

That may not seem too significant on the surface, but the Farmers Market located just off Beckford Drive sure would have seemed strange without the “clocktower” presence. We think the logo is going to fit right in.

We’re actually hoping to hear Pete Burgess has another trick or two up his sleeve.

The project for the building and grounds didn’t quite get to the essentially three-quarters of a million dollars needed. Scaled back, we’re still to be without a paved area. But the doors are important, and that’s a wise choice among the amenities eliminated.

Functionality is a key element to any facility, and the building just went to 12 months availability with full enclosure. The city’s part is $1,500, and it’s a solid investment in the future.

• We weren’t sure where the news was headed, but we were thrilled in September of 2012 to learn changes within Revlon were said to not be negatively affecting the Oxford plant.

Thirteen months later, we’re seeing some more indication that was very true. Recent news that Revlon bought The Colomer Group has yielded speculation on what happens in Oxford.

And we’re hopeful it does mean more jobs. Already, the plant employs about 1,400, making it one of if not the largest manufacturing facility within the readership area of The Dispatch.

More jobs could mean some help to the unemployment number for Vance County. We’ve been double figures for nearly half a decade. Relief is needed.