Editorial: Be safe celebrating Halloween

Oct. 30, 2013 @ 11:00 PM

While we may not have the authority, we’re OK if police or sheriff’s deputies make an arrest for anyone caught twerking tonight.

Just the friendly sort, to keep ’em away from the kids. No need for fines or punishment, just keep the place respectable.

Ah, Halloween is upon us. Our city’s leaders learned long ago that ordinances are necessary and fun must be curtailed and corralled. That’s fine, too. There are allowances built in.

Truth is, the days of going door to door have just about gone the way of the rotary dial telephone. (A whole generation just “Googled” or turned to their parents for word definition.)

As is often the case, our corner is reserved today for a voice of reason. Not a wet blanket or trashing an occasion, just good sound judgment.

We want the Miley Cyrus wannabes — yes even the twerkers we know are out there — and the vampires, princesses and witches to be safe. Those last three are among the predicted most popular this year, according to the National Retail Federation.

The NRF also predicts a $2.6 billion windfall in costumes. Never mind the corresponding dollars for treats and dental work. Oh, and $330 million of that will be on our pets’ costumes.

When figuring about 158 million are going to dress up, the spending adds up.

So keep it safe out there.

Many families have opted for the friendly versions of downtown events, which Henderson has, and several others go for civic club or church group “trunk-or-treat” outings.

Our good parents are going to be mindful of older teens who have escaped the kid version of costumes but not yet graduated up to the young adult scene. There’s nothing light-hearted about bullying, and that group is at risk.

Parents of the littler ones will closely inspect the night’s haul.

If around traffic, remember the costumes may not be easily seen. And, if canvassing the neighborhood, keep in mind the unwritten porch light rules: no light, no knock. We don’t need to know any reasons, just move along.

Remember, tonight has opportunities both positive and negative. And we hope everyone has a safe and happy occasion.