Editorial: Community involvement is necessary

Oct. 23, 2013 @ 03:52 PM

Couple of months ago, we lamented the closure of Heart’s Haven.

That was the domestic violence shelter in Henderson, operated through the umbrella of Area Christians Together in Service. The vote wasn’t unanimous, but the board of directors at ACTS made the decision.

It was a costly one, and not just with expenses to keep the doors open and operating.

The higher price to be paid was by the next victim of domestic violence. There are still places to turn in Henderson and Vance County, but their specialties won’t be for domestic violence victims. They might be soon, given there’s been no replacement thus far and domestic violence does not take vacation.

We wish it did.

There are others who do as well, and they’re coming together this evening on the steps of the courthouse. The third annual candlelight vigil will include a walk at 5:30 and a brief program at 6.

But the hope and goal is that awareness will last 24/7/365.

When the rate is one or more per day, we have to stay alert to the problem. We have to educate ourselves, and understand how to see potential flags in our everyday life with others, and know what to do. Doing nothing essentially makes us enablers, and none of us would want to do that.

So tonight, we encourage attendance at the event. We encourage those on the edge willing to help but unsure how to speak to someone for direction to seek out the answer. While the answer may not be gained tonight, the direction to get it can be. There will be people there to help. They want to meet us.

Silence is common in the battle against domestic violence. Victims are reluctant, and understandably so, to report attackers. But that may not be the only fear or hindrance.

When we as a community speak up, to say we are willing to help, to say we are willing to assist victims going through the horrible ordeal, then we are providing an element of success in the fight.

We never know when it will be us, someone in our family or someone we know.

Let’s be ready. We can give support tonight, and we can help our community to a better tomorrow.