Editorial: Defending the rights of all of us

Oct. 18, 2013 @ 11:20 PM

Phyllis Maynard deserves our congratulations, and probably a bit more.

She’s the service officer in the Henderson area for the Disabled American Veterans. On Thursday, she organized an event at the Kerr Lake Nursing and Rehabilitation Center where veterans of the oldest ages met with some of the younger veterans.

The World War II and Korean War Comrade Fellowship Day, by any account, was a success. We believe it to be highly successful each and every time we stop to remember those who fought for our freedoms, the sacrifices they have made, and the lives they’ve led since then.

The work of our armed forces has never been easy. Thoughout our history, there’s always been someone wanting to pick a bone with us. Sometimes, that meant the most unimaginable of situations, up to and including war.

To Phyllis we say, “Well done.” And to our veterans we humbly say, “Thanks.”

• We’re proud of the efforts of Perry Memorial Library as well.

We recently learned our ability to stop in and read anonymously wasn’t exactly available. Patrons now have the option to turn off their check-out history and protect their reading privacy, according to Jennifer Brax. She’s the adult services librarian at Perry.

She said she’s seen government officials confiscate library property for investigations in other state facilities. We have too. The efforts at Perry will assure users can control what the government can access.

Said Deborah Caldwell-Stone, deputy director for the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom: “The First Amendment encompasses a right to read and a right to read confidentially.”

Thanks, Perry Memorial.

• Not long ago, we brought forth some news on Warrenton’s efforts in the downtown district.

That’s now award-winning Warrenton.

The North Carolina Small Town Main Street program recently named Warrenton the winner of an Award of Merit. The town submitted an entry in the category of Economic Restructuring for its Revitalization of Warrenton project.

We like the feel of downtown Warrenton. From the historic courthouse square to the colors among building fronts, there’s a feel even if just driving through. But once stopped, there’s plenty to experience.

Congratulations to a well-deserving community. Hard work does pay off.