Editorial: Drinking up good news for water

Jun. 27, 2014 @ 10:53 PM

Our drinking water can take a deserved break from being a debated topic and enjoy a moment in the sun.

For the seventh consecutive year, the Kerr Lake Regional Water System is among the best in surpassing federal and state standards. This past week KLRWS received a N.C. Area Wide Optimization Award.

Only 38 in the state were awarded. Our system also previously won in 2004 and 2005 before its current seven-year run.

• Worth noting for those who have joined in the fight to find a cure for cancer, last weekend’s Relay For Life in Vance County was not the end of the campaign.

While the 24-hour event is considered a climax in the effort, donations counting toward this year’s goal can be accepted for several more weeks. The late summer announcement of how we did collectively is always highly anticipated, along with a few team and individual awards just before Labor Day.

The stormy Friday night curtailed many teams’ fundraising efforts, from items blown askew to destruction of tents on the Southern Vance football field. Still, Saturday morning brought smiles and participation among the faithful.

To help one of the 34 teams with donations, go to relay.acsevents.org and enter “Vance County” in the search field. Let’s finish the fight.

• Don’t drink and drive.

It’s just that simple. We’ve pleaded and begged, but still our highways and roads are often the scenes of life’s worst tragedies. The good news is we are getting better.

The Governor’s Highway Safety Program regularly launches campaigns to help make the roads safer. Operation Firecracker is underway and will last through Sunday, July 6.

Our state is already on a better pace than a year ago, with only 105 alcohol-related crashes through June 20. Last year at the same time, there had been 164 on the way to a calendar year total of 353.

More law enforcement will be out over the next week, conducting unannounced traffic checks and patrol areas. Plan ahead, and be responsible if alcohol is part of the activities. Call friends, family members or taxis, but be accountable by not driving after drinking and not allowing others who have been drinking to drive.

The life we save may be our own.