Editorial: Community involvement encouraged

Aug. 23, 2014 @ 11:57 PM

Community activity has gradually been changing the last two weeks. Monday, it fully switches to school in session when the public schools finally get going.

We might not have children in school or work on the campuses, but all around us, things change and impact how we interact.

Children will be along roadsides and street curbs awaiting school buses or exiting them. Some will be on bicycles. Others might even be able to walk to and from school.

Parents who drop off and pick up will be in new routines, too.

We need to be sure of our actions, but also we need to look out for everyone else. We need to slow down around the schools and expect the unexpected, like children darting in and out of parked cars.

Drivers should be responsible, remembering that recklessness covers a wide variety of our activities once we slip behind the wheel.

We encourage the community to find out about volunteer opportunities. Open houses provided that chance, but those are often seen as a way for parents and teachers to connect involving students.

The involvement of our community, beyond the parents of children, will play a big role in how well our schools do. We’re challenged in many ways, from rural geography to poverty to many other factors, but we have good people in our community. Giving back is the right thing to do.

The environment, or the culture, in which our community’s children learn is heavily influenced by how we help. It doesn’t matter if the school is traditional public, charter or private. There is opportunity at each, a place to engage and be supportive.

The first day of school is in many ways like Jan. 1, or a birthday or some other significant milestone in life. It is a clearly defined new beginning, a chance for something fresh, something to be created.

Choose to be involved, helping create solutions and making a difference in our community.