Editorial: Opportunity is taking center stage

Apr. 06, 2013 @ 10:34 PM

Find any community from the mountains to the coast, pick something it does well, and trace the history.

What we’ll find is at some point, or in multiple points, evolved a beginning. The swell work we enjoy comes with hard work and determination, from more saying “yes” when others said “no,” and dreams became reality.

Great moments come from great opportunity. And those who enjoy the fruits of good fortune are rarely there by coincidence; rather, it is the climax of preparation, diligence and making the breaks.

Our crystal ball won’t clear enough now or at any point in the future of McGregor Hall, the new performance theater about to be built as part of Breckenridge Commons. But this much we do believe: having a first-class facility in Perry Memorial Library, and adding a first-class theater capable of multiple attractions both large and small, is a great opportunity.

The moments will come. We would guess a good number to be hailed by many, ourselves and others, as great.

Getting to this point has been no easy task. In this space were questions about the project, including if the city should be in the business of running a theater. They’re not going to be going forward, and we believe that to be a good thing.

Theater people need to run a theater, those with qualifications and experience.

We have no grand illusion McGregor will be something like the Durham Performing Arts Center, or Roanoke Rapids’ Royal Palace, or a competitor to the civic center at Vance-Granville Community College. We think McGregor will find its place, will complement and help the college’s civic center and will bring in attractions for a variety of audiences.

There are already a number of performances unique to Vance County. Plenty more travel the state and southeastern portion of our country. With connection to Interstate 85 and U.S. 1, this project inherently takes advantage of our geographic location.

Funding before building has installed a strong foundation in the opening act. Curtains will open on far less risky paths as a result.

Bricks and mortar will make McGregor Hall a reality. Vance County people are, and always will be, its keys to success.