Editorial: Learning environments are awaiting

Aug. 24, 2013 @ 08:01 PM

The 12-year grind recycles for many across the Tri-County today.

It’s the last Sunday before school begins on Monday.

No matter our connection or lack thereof, school’s start and end seem to put definition in many other schedules. Granted, it is basically a bracketing of the 15 weeks between the break-out-the-grill Monday holidays — Memorial Day and Labor Day.

New Year’s provides resolutions aplenty. We believe the first day of school presents fresh takes on our lifestyles as well. And more of us, in addition to the students, should take part.

Enabled by volunteer opportunities, our only hold-up to joining the education process is our decision.

Students actively seeking to be engaged in a learning environment are not at every desk. We wish they were, but that’s when our trained educators come into play.

Teachers have a role beyond teaching what is in a textbook. Administrators have a role beyond budgets and policies. And students, too, have a role beyond showing up and taking in what is given to them, and returning it for grading measure. They are the key players in the education community, none with a more important role than the student.

Without the student receiving an education, without the student graduating, all else in the education community suffers. And those around the education community suffer, too.

Our dismal graduation rate for the county public schools over a sustained period is a staggering albatross to growth and enhancement of Henderson and Vance County.

Educating students isn’t an assembly-line job for teachers. Those who approach it in such terms will surely fail the students. The education community has unique challenges, whether in public or private education. And the added challenge is the most important player is not an adult, but does have an adult responsible for them.

Parents must be involved, and school systems must welcome their input.

The first day of school is a chance at newness. And whether we’re the parent of a student, a teacher, an administrator or a community member capable of volunteering and supporting, the day can easily be the mark of a fresh start.

Find a place. Choose to be involved. Help create solutions. Our community of learning environments needs all the help it can get.