Editorial: Friday night: Still a place for everyone

Aug. 22, 2013 @ 10:08 PM

Deep within their souls, the passion is strongest for those who do not reserve their best for this time.

They are among the most diligent, the most dutiful and ones which we can rely on from day to day. Throughout the week, they’ve prepared daily holding nothing back.

Mistakes are a part of their game. But where they are different is acknowledging those mistakes. They grow and mature. They have refined the movements, whether intellectual or physical, guiding every decision.

While any glory is welcomed, they are champion first and foremost for the team.

Finding a common bond among peers is no easy task. Unless holed up and sterilized from the world, they are like anyone else. They are inundated with opportunities, not all of which are for the good of the team.

Discerning that which will help, and that which would hurt, is pivotal to their impact. Ultimately, until proven otherwise, they’ve chosen the team.

And we are glad.

In fact, we are so glad that often the surrounding atmosphere is stimulating beyond belief. Thus, we’re not surprised if they stumble to individualism rather than the team.

But the atmosphere we create for their craft is not to be inhibited.

Our place is to watch, to enjoy and to take something away. It is more than the final result they will achieve for us on any given date. And we choose to let them know in unfailing support.

Whether the result is what we would desire, and there’s no question we’re in common pursuit, we support our team as though there is no other worthy of support. Their mistakes may frustrate us. Their flaws will surely define them every bit as much as their success. But we change not.

We are there for them as they compete for us. Their colors are our colors. And while we respect all others, only one can reach our inner soul.

Passion explodes tonight all across the state. Opening night for high school football, a ritual whose once lofty position has been eroded, still reaches deep into young men in the Tri-County, and the fans who support them.

And the best part is there still a place for all of us.