Editorial: Congratulations on 48 years for county

Dec. 03, 2012 @ 09:35 PM

With Monday evening’s swearing-in ceremony, Tim Pegram’s time as a Vance County commissioner came to an end.
He decided not to run this year, and Archie Taylor has moved into his seat. When it comes to public service, Pegram has set a standard not only through longevity but also in embracing what it means to lead.
He carried himself with a purpose, respect for others and with an eye on the big picture. John Watkins bought Pegram’s truss business in the 1990s and paid a high compliment when he said of Pegram, “When he told you something, you could take it to the bank.”
Many others in business, never mind the plethora of those in elected office, could learn a lesson. Whether in a handshake deal or a lengthy contract, everyone should be as good as their word and without suspicion there could be more than that word.
Public service isn’t easy. We recognize that in the vast complexities of issues facing our government leaders on a regular basis.
Terry Garrison, himself a state hall of fame commissioner, said Pegram offered guidance to young commissioners. He could do it indirectly if they just watched, and he could do it directly if asked.
Best of all, Garrison said, Pegram was willing to stand for what he believed in when it might not have been the most popular choice.
Pegram’s deflection of praise is typical of his style. He credits the board members in whole for making things work, not any single person.
We’ll agree with him on that point because it’s another example of true leadership. The commission should never be made up of individuals, only a team that we as the county have elected for their combined guidance.
We don’t expect unanimous decisions. We do expect unity before and after decisions.
Tim Pegram gave Vance County 48 years as a commissioner, and many more as a citizen and businessman. As he steps away from that responsibility, we offer him our best and a well-deserved word of congratulations.