Letter: Time to overhaul project

Mar. 22, 2014 @ 11:09 PM

To the editor:

The lid is finally off the debacle called the countywide water project. The removal happened during the Vance County commissioners meeting on March 10. Mr. Daren Small, speaking for himself and some 35-40 fellow property owners in the Williamsboro and Townsville communities, repeated the refrain “we’ve been kind of mislead” about this water project.

Following Mr. Small’s public comment, Chairwoman Deborah Brown confirmed the obvious saying, “I do believe there was some misleading information.”

Chairwoman Brown added that what she, Mr. Small, Mr. Lawrence Brame, and hundreds of others contracted to buy is not what is being sold today.

Mr. Small said the project needs to be stopped, rethought and reworked because it is not what he signed up for. Will the county’s management team along with the county commissioners find a workable solution to this $28 million dollar fiasco or continue what Mr. Small called strong-arm tactics to force countywide water into residents’ homes?

Water or no water, the county’s property owners are on the hook for the principle and interest of the $28 million USDA loan from the American taxpayers. Additionally, there is a payment to an out of county for profit company contracted to operate the water system. Based on the current signup trend there are too few buyers to begin repaying the loan next year. unless enough commit to buying water those property owners already committed will pay a monthly water rate close to or more than $100; or property taxes will be increased to repay the loan.

Is it finally time heed Mr. Small’s suggestion to stop, rethink and rework the project?

Michael Bobbitt