Letter: Judge’s decision disappoints

Mar. 22, 2014 @ 11:11 PM

To the editor:

As the administrator of a private school, I was extremely disappointed to learn of a judge’s decision to temporarily suspend the Opportunity Scholarship Program, which would give children from low-income families the chance to attend a private school.

Today, far too many children from low-income communities are failing to acquire the skills needed to succeed in today’s workplace. Given the fact that across the state, less than 30 percent of students from low-income households are proficient in math and reading, why not provide these families with more options? Further, this program would put parents back in the driver’s seat and let them take control of their child’s education.

Parents from across Henderson have expressed their interest in taking advantage of a private school scholarship for their child. The families in our community joined the more than 4,500 parents that applied for their child statewide. Our school would have gladly welcomed these students as we share the same goals that these parents do: the belief that their child cannot afford one more year of falling behind and that finding the right school, whether that school is public or private, is critically important.

My hope is that this temporary suspension will soon be lifted for these families so that they can find the necessary relief soon for their children.

Deryl von Williams