Editorial: Big winners numerous this week

Mar. 21, 2014 @ 11:01 PM

Vance County students, and its adults, were big winners on Thursday.

The school system and the county’s cooperative extension office teamed up to present a resource fair. The classroom, as Superintendent Ronald Gregory said, became relevant through the exposure to many areas of agriculture.

There is a belief within some circles that Vance County’s future is actually linked to its past, that agriculture holds a large key for us. We believe it is part of the equation and has possibilities in a significant way.

And, as more than one instructor pointed out, there are some things technology just isn’t likely to replace.

The idea of a presentation that targets the students but also included the remainder of the community was positive. Our schools are, and should be, about much more than just educating the youngest. They’re a part of the community’s fabric.

Thursday was an excellent example.

• News on jobs was mixed this week.

First came the message North Carolina’s unemployment rate had trickled down a bit more, now to 6.7 percent for January. It hasn’t been that low since late summer of 2008.

Friday brought an unfortunate dose of rising unemployment in the Tri-County. Vance climbed by a half-point to 9.7 percent, Warren up to 9.4 and Granville up to 7.1.

Most experts agree the economy is showing signs of improvement, albeit quite slowly. But most would also agree, the signs are not being seen in all pockets of the country or our state.

• Tri-County cheering sections started this week’s NCAA Tournament pointed heavily toward Texas. North Carolina, with J.F. Webb High School product Isaiah Hicks, and N.C. Central, with Warren County High School’s John Moseley, started in San Antonio and hope to find their way to the Final Four in Dallas.

Hicks is a freshman for the Tar Heels. His minutes have been few, but his presence in games is on a regular basis. Moseley is an associate head coach for Central, which is making its first trip to the Big Dance.

Participation in the event is one of the driving motivations for anyone associated with college athletics. Congratulations are in order to each and their highly successful teams.