Editorial: Ridgeway sweetness is inviting

Jul. 18, 2014 @ 11:14 PM

Ridgeway steps forward today with an annual celebration of all things good in the summer. Specifically, they celebrate the goodness in growing cantaloupes.

The festival lasts from morning to afternoon, but it is quite the treat and one we recommend among several such events in our area. Classic cars in Henderson and sizzling peppers in Oxford have their place, and the sweet melons are every bit as inviting.

All ages have a place when the historical society and fire department combine their hospitality. Each is a good and worthy cause to support. Visiting the event today and making purchase of a melon or some stew, or patronizing one of the many vendors, is a good way to pay a little down on the civic rent.

There might even be a few friends and acquaintances to catch up with while sharing a summer afternoon.

Whatever the drawing card, we encourage making the effort.

• Once upon a time, allegiances were strong for NFL teams, but none were in our state. And once upon another time, kids didn’t have to be encouraged to get out and exercise — they were bounding all over the neighborhoods.

Times change. We’re in the pro game with the Carolina Panthers now, and the NFL’s Play 60 initiative is a tool to help encourage our youth be active and have healthy habits.

Friday the pro team had a presence here, with a camp that left most participants excited and full of new knowledge.

Our stance on exercise and healthy habits has been well documented, and Friday was another reminder to us all — even if we are a tad too old for the camp.

• Another change to the economic development landscape took place recently when Harry Mills became the permanent director in Granville County. He followed Bill Edwards, who held the post on an interim basis for about two years.

As the economy has rebounded, Granville has enjoyed some successes. Edwards was well-praised after his stint with the Henderson-Vance County Chamber of Commerce and he deserves another “atta boy” for his latest work.

Mills and directors throughout the state in non-urban areas are particularly challenged. We guess he’ll benefit from the anticipated increase of population in the county’s southern end.

We wish both gentlemen well in their future endeavors.