Editorial: Multitudes spreading the joy

Dec. 21, 2012 @ 06:18 PM

Excitement for Christmas and a new year is building in Henderson, Vance County and the Tri-County area.

The spirit has certainly been alive at many civic organizations and churches. Meals have been prepared for delivery to those in need, as well as gifts described as non-frivolous and certainly needy.

We’ve seen the children of our community become involved. We’ve also seen the seniors in our area more than involved, and not just on the receiving end. There have been a number who have donated time and talent to helping others.

We’re glad to have shared some of the stories and readily admit to not being able to get to them all. Remember, submissions by email to community@hendersondispatch.com are always welcome.

• We were admittedly struck by the irony of a series of events taking place this past week on our pages. We’re happy to have been of a little bit of service in them as well, even though they are not directly related.

Our special section paying tribute to the local fire, police and emergency first responders was planned months ago. The stories are local, and we’re so proud and thankful for all the paid and volunteer people who serve in those capacities.

A day earlier, the fire department people in the Tri-County had words of advice related to staying safe during the holidays and amid a cold winter.

And then we learned of Charissa Powell going into a burning home to help save the life of Gean Allison. Dianna Young made the 911 call after Powell brought Allison out of the home.

Powell said the praise goes above. We acknowledge, but also believe His instruments are worthy of being told “good job” as well.

• The inclusion of Vance, Granville and Warren counties into the U.S. Foreign Trade Zone 93 is another bonus for the Triangle North operation.

The program provides special customs procedures for U.S. companies engaged in international trade.

Whether our business parks are working domestically or internationally, we need all the advantages possible. This one doesn’t hurt at all, and we’re glad it is now in place.