Editorial: Celebrating American independence

Jul. 03, 2013 @ 09:25 PM

Will it just be another day off from work? Will there be something more significant that happens before or after sundown?

Maybe there are childhood memories to recall. It could be that children in the house today are going to need to be stirred, their memories created. Should it be fun and frivolous? We wouldn’t object to meaningful either, though we’re not fully expecting it.

Rolling ourselves into red, white and blue and celebrating July 4 is Americana at its best. Celebrations, in some locales, have lost a bit over time. But we don’t have to go far to find something to our liking — there’s much to enjoy.

The fireworks remain spectacular, no matter where we find them. In some places, there’s still a gathering of the townspeople. Eating outside is a special part of today’s celebration. We hope the weather cooperates.

Community events with three-legged races, egg tosses and the like just don’t happen much anymore. And that’s OK. Families tend to gather up for a trip to the lake, or the beach, or to see relatives. With a Friday sandwiched between the holiday and the weekend, the bait is set for the workers among us to take off.

Truth is, that’s what the holiday should be about. It should be about doing whatever it is we desire to do. It is called being free, and today’s the day we celebrate our independence as one nation under God.

The history books are packed with information on how it came to be. July 4, in fact, is actually two days after the most significant of the occasion took place in Philadelphia.

Still, today is our day. America’s day. We can flip pages in books, click to sites on the web, or perhaps even see the stories on television. Our country’s history is riveting. From the beginning involving muskets and horses, it boggles our mind to think of the expansion westward across the Mississippi River, our Civil War, redefining rights movements of the 1900s and our hurry-up technology age that burgeons around us now.

From “What were we thinking?” to “Wow! How did we do that?” our country has grown, it has prospered and it has survived test after test, both from within and from abroad.

Happy birthday, America!