Editorial: Offering community support

Apr. 22, 2014 @ 11:15 PM

Residents should remember to support the city and county they live in. We’ll have another opportunity Thursday night, with the added bonus of no charge and live entertainment.

Meet Me in the Street is back for another series of free concerts.

North Tower is first up, and they’ll go from about 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. They’ll be set up at the corner of North Garnett and Breckenridge streets in downtown Henderson.

We applaud the Henderson-Vance County Chamber of Commerce for this endeavor. The chamber’s mission is to represent “the interests of the business community in matters that affect the ability of local businesses to prosper and grow, and the ability of Henderson and Vance County to attract new business.”

A number of sponsors are pitching in at various levels and ways of helping. There’s even a chance to win cash.

We believe promoting our city from within the boundaries is just as important as trying to go out and make it a destination to those who are not here. The city’s image is everything. We need to build on the positives, like the ongoing rise of McGregor Hall.

All communities face hurdles. But channeling our energy into a determined positive outcome will set us apart from our neighbors.

And so Thursday’s event provides us one of the chances to show that determination and support.

We can go out and enjoy the fellowship of those who live here and say a good word to those who might be visiting. We can stroll the downtown streets, maybe frequent a business we haven’t been to in some time or even one we went to yesterday.

We can engage in conversation, with strangers and friends alike, to find more of these positive events to help our community.

Two more chances are in line for this year’s series: Steve Owens and Summertime come on May 29, and Mike Brooks and The Konnection Band are here Friday, Aug. 15.

All are fine bands known mostly for their beach music, rhythm and blues or Top 40.

Even if the style of music isn’t your cup of tea, the event is a great way for the community to come together. There’ll be food, drink and a few hundred people. That’s a nice recipe.

See you downtown.