Editorial: Better examinations for our state

Feb. 12, 2013 @ 06:38 PM

We didn’t think it too big of a surprise when Republicans last week opted for change on regulatory and policy-making boards.

Democrats have had power and their choices for more than a century, and the GOP’s decisions for drawing up voting districts after the census was just the first of many changes.

Last week’s torpedo will shake up the commissions for utilities, environmental management, coastal resources, the lottery and wildlife resources. We don’t for a second buy into the Republicans’ “not about politics” message.

That’s hogwash and they know it.

But we do buy into demanding Gov. Pat McCrory’s administration do a far better job than they did selecting Dianna Lightfoot to lead the state’s pre-kindergarten program — at $110,000 salary oh by the way.

For the record, Aldona Wos made the announcement of Lightfoot’s appointment last Tuesday. Wos is the Department of Health and Human Services Secretary.

Lightfoot’s title was state director of Child Development and Early Education. Less than 48 hours later, she said she wouldn’t take the job.

The press did a better job of examining her than did McCrory’s team. Among the findings:

• Lightfoot founded and headed the National Physicians Center for Family Resources. It advocates against “institutional” preschool programs.

• Between the day she was picked and then declined, Lightfoot deleted a Twitter account where she referred to Hillary Clinton as one of President Obama’s “Butch bunch.” The account also questioned a 2011 Japan earthquake as being caused by ultrasonic waves from China or North Korea.

• Lightfoot’s Facebook account included references to pro-gay protestors as “anti-freedom-of-speech bigots.”

• Then there’s the YouTube video, showing Lightfoot speaking at a rally in Stokes County. She told the audience the Affordable Care Act equates to “enslavement,” and encouraged the tea party audience to rise up against it.

• And WRAL News reported Lightfoot “might have” voted improperly in three elections, once giving a UPS store address in Winston-Salem as her residence.

Gumshoe reporting this was not. Mostly, it was what has become “good old-fashioned” Internet searches.

Wholesale changes to commissions? McCrory’s team has a long way to go to show North Carolinians they know what they’re doing.