Letter: Representative for those struggling

Oct. 01, 2013 @ 11:52 PM

To the editor:

In rebuttal to a recent letter (“Nomad type not wanted on City Council,” Sept. 29), thanks for the concern. Mentioned in the letter was the following: “So I guess you can run for office as follows:

• Live in two places.

• Have no permanent address.

• Pay no taxes.

• Pay no water bill.

• Pay no electric bill.

• Make no monetary contributions to the city (in the form of taxes).”

There are numerous people of the City of Henderson and Vance County that are struggling because they have lost their jobs. This struggle has caused people to lose their homes, have had their electric and water cut off. However, they are still citizens of this great city of ours. Are you saying that unless a person has these things, that they are not worthy of having someone represent them? This is what it appears to me. The things that are mentioned are not a part of filing for public office.

But, I greatly appreciate this letter, because it has given me the motivation to work even harder to represent those people that are in the everyday struggle of life. I will make sure that as I go about campaigning that I keep your remarks in mind, so that I can represent not only the people in the struggle, but all people of this Ward 3.

Once again thank-you.

Geraldine Champion


The letter-writer is a candidate for City Council in Henderson.