Editorial: Everyone can help water woes

Dec. 14, 2012 @ 05:41 PM

Images from Kerr Lake, the pride of Vance County in spades, are shocking and disturbing.

Areas that are naturally covered with water are now mudflats or stretches that look like the desert. Docks rest on the ground, as out of place as a parka in the picnic area on July 4.

Observers say the low level is of historic proportions. They also tell us conservation measures are needed on a voluntary basis. Rain is needed, primarily in the Roanoke River Basin, an area that includes natural rivers connecting with the lake mostly in Southern Virginia.

Until then, heed the advice of municipal leaders asking for voluntary assistance. Be aware of running water in the kitchen, the bath and in any other means around homes and businesses.

We have no worries rain will eventually come. Patience and conservation will see us through.

• Pat McCrory, the incoming Republican governor, said he didn’t worry so much about political parties as getting the best available to help his transition to Raleigh.

He picked Rep. Jim Crawford Jr. of Oxford, a Democrat, to work on the budget team. Crawford, who has business interests in Vance County, had a 28-year career in the House, many of those serving as chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.

Crawford was a victim of GOP redistricting, causing he and fellow Democrat Winkie Wilkins to compete. Ironically, Crawford was also known as one of the “gang of five,” a group of Democrats known to cross the party aisle in votes.

Another Democrat announced to the team for the Department of Cultural Resources is Susan Kluttz, a former Salisbury mayor.

• We applaud the many in our school systems who are committed to the children.

Eric Watkins, the first-year football coach at Northern Vance, had Deonte Judkins on his team at the beginning of the year but not the end. Yet, Watkins said he was talking with him daily and looking forward to the 16-year-old’s return to the team in off-season workouts.

Judkins was killed in a drive-by shooting Tuesday night, leaving Watkins and many others stunned.

Coaches, teachers and administrators who take a genuine interest in our children are of high value. And there’s more to knowing them than checking their attendance or grading their papers.