Letter: Seeking help from the system

Apr. 20, 2013 @ 01:52 PM

To the editor:

I am a single, African-American mother of three beautiful daughters. My children are my world. As a parent not only is my job to nurture and love, but also to protect them.

I sometimes question the justice system. Are we all treated equally or is there a difference in the treatment according to our race, sex or national origin? I say this because for years now, I have had a problem with a man that desires to mess with young children. I have taken out warrants, filed an order for protection and trespassing papers against this individual because as a mother, my job is to protect my children.

In the area in which I live, there are crimes that have been committed that take precedence over others. Am I the only one that feels sexual molestation involving children is important? I do not feel that I am being treated fairly. However, I believe that if these things were happening in other areas of the community, they would look upon it as being morally and socially incorrect. All I ask is that the police department and court system take a look at this from a parent’s standpoint and do whatever needs to be done to correct this problem.

I have followed all of the procedures asked of me by the authorities, but in return it seems like nothing is being done. As long as this person feels that he can get away with this, he will continue to prey on little girls. If the job of the police department is to “protect and serve,” as their motto states and they are doing part and not all of the job, what is a citizen to do? Does anyone hear my cry?

Thomasina Champion