Editorial: Battling through allergies

Apr. 10, 2013 @ 02:57 PM

Sneezing and wheezing, here we go again.

Just as the beauty of the azaleas, tulips and other springtime delights spring forth in our eyes, the pollen blowing about the Tri-County is lighting up our sinuses. Spring in the north central section of North Carolina comes with many benefits, and actually the pollen is one of them.

Remember, we need that movement from stamens to pistils. It not only makes our state beautiful from the mountains to the coast, but plant life has a myriad of other benefits within our ecosystem.

Yes, we’re sacrificing. Pollenosis, hay fever and other forms of suffering aren’t much fun. But we can help ourselves a little along the way if we know how.

And that means more than just rinsing the color off the car.

First and foremost, remember that allergies can be a very serious problem. Even deadly. If they are not controlled, they can lead to asthma, and asthma attacks have the potential to be life-threatening.

Chances are, hints of warmer weather earlier this year brought the first pollen. Granted, in our area, there have been few warm days and a seemingly extended time of cold. But this week’s nights have been the warmest of the year.

Starting preventative measures earlier rather than later is one measure of combating.

If trying over the counter help, read the labels and understand what the product does. Know what reactions are possible individually as a result of taking the medication.

Because our bodies can get used to something, thereby dropping effectiveness, consider switching brands periodically for best effectiveness. Maybe a one-two punch will help.

When outside, masks can help protect the airways. Goggles are a measure for the eyes. There might be a question of looking good and feeling good for vanity’s sake, but at least there’s a choice.

Many turn to natural remedies. Like over the counter help, success will likely vary with the individual. We certainly believe some do work, same as with help from the drugstore.

And of course, there is medical help through allergists and shots.

As always, when considering medications, if in doubt, consult a trusted physician.

We enjoy four true seasons in the Tri-County. We hope everyone is safe, comfortable and enjoys the spring.